Application Instructions

Applications can be drafted and submitted in the Federation’s online services, using the online services requires registration. The user name and the password that are needed for logging in the database are sent by e-mail after the registration.

It is possible to edit the application within the whole application period before the final submitting. Also the appendices (budget, program and CVs of the invited speakers) are submitted electronically.


When submitting the application preliminary information on the program of the event and the invited speakers should be available. In order to receive funding a national seminar should have international speakers. The international conferences receiving funding must be held in Finland. Funding is granted on the bases of the budget submitted with the application primarily for the travel expenses of the international speakers. In addition to this, for international conferences funding can be granted for expenses arising from renting the venue, hiring secretarial staff or communicating.

Information on the invited international speakers should include either their CVs, a short introduction drafted by the organisers or a link to speaker’s web pages.

Funding is usually not granted for the following purposes:
• national seminars without international speakers
• internal seminars of research projects
• annual assemblies of international organisations
• meetings preparing an international research project
• conferences held outside Finland
• research training courses and summer schools
• conferences, which are not open for all interested people
• if more than 30% of the total income is financed by governmental funding, e.g. as project funding from the European Union or the Academy of Finland
• if the conference is already over, when the decision on the application is taken.
• conferences in their preliminary stages without a program and any information on the invited speakers

A short description on the significance of the event a) to one’s own field of research, b) to the Finnish research community and c) to the international research community shall be included in the application. Also a preliminary program of the conference shall be appended to the application.

Appendices required

• budget
• program of the conference/seminar
• information on the invited speakers


Updated 29.11.2019 14.40